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NameDepartmentSpecialtiesContact Information
Parrott, James Hunter, MDPediatrics
Pediatrics Nine Medical Park
Columbia, SC 29203
Paudyal, SunitaInternal MedicineInternal Medicine-General

(803) 540-1000
2 Medical Park, Suite 502
Columbia, SC 29203
Payne, Rebecca Ann, MDNeuropsychiatry and Behavioral ScienceAddiction Psychiatry
General Adult Psychiatry

(803) 434-4300
Neuropsychiatry & Behavioral Sci 15 Medical Park, Suite 301
Columbia, SC 29203-
Peters, Walter Hamilton, IV, MDNeurology
Neurology 8 Medical Park, Suite 420
Columbia, SC 29203-
Phelps, Kenneth Wayne, PhDNeuropsychiatry and Behavioral ScienceMarriage and Family Therapist
Medical Family Therapy

(803) 434-4300
15 Medical Park, Ste. 141
Columbia, SC 29203
Pirich, Laura Maxwell, MDPediatricsPediatric-Hematology-Oncology

(803) 434-3533
7 Medical Park, Ste. 215
Columbia, SC 29203
Platt, Tan J., MDFamily and Preventive MedicineFamily Medicine

(803) 434-6113
3209 Colonial Dr.
Columbia, SC 29203
Pokharna, Renu, MDNeurology
Neurology Eight Medical Park, Room 420
Columbia, SC 29203-
Pollack, Matthew Ryan, MDOrthopaedic SurgeryNon-operative Sports Medicine
Family and Preventive Medicine

(803) 434-7121
2 Medical Park, Suite 104
Columbia, SC 29203
Poole, Shannon Rise, MDObstetrics and GynecologyObstetrics and Gynecology

Two Medical Park, Suite 208
Columbia, SC 29203
Posey, William Mark, PhDPediatricsPediatric-Developmental Pediatrics

(803) 935-5604
8301 Farrow Rd.
Columbia, SC 29208
Poston, Mary Elizabeth, MDInternal MedicineInternal Medicine-General

(803) 540-1000
2 Medical Park, Ste. 502
Columbia, SC 29203