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NameDepartmentSpecialtiesContact Information
Markowitz, Bethany Bray, MDOphthalmologyOphthalmology-Comprehensive
Ophthalmology-Catarac and Refractive Surgery

(803) 749-1000
320 Harbiosn Blvd, Ste. 320
Columbia, SC 29212
Mason, Elizabeth Jo, MDNeuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science
Neuropsychiatry & Behavioral Sci 15 Medical Park
Columbia, SC 29203-
Mattox, Thomas Fleming, MDObstetrics and GynecologyOB-GYN-Urogynecology

(803) 545-5700
2 Medical Park, Ste. 107
Columbia, SC 29203
Mayeaux, Edward J., Jr, MDFamily and Preventive MedicineFamily and Preventive Medicine

3209 Colonial Drive
Columbia, SC 29203
Mazoue, Christopher George, MDOrthopaedic SurgeryOrthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

(803) 434-7121
2 Medical Park, LL10
Columbia, SC 29203
McAdams, Brooke H, MDInternal Medicine
Internal Medicine, Endocrinology 2 Medical Park, Suite 502
Columbia, SC 29203-
McElmurray, Charles T., MDFamily and Preventive MedicineFamily Medicine

(803) 635-6099
John A. Martin Primary Care Center, 56 N US Hwy 321 Bypass
Winnsboro, SC 29180
McGown, Andrew Thomas, MDOrthopaedic SurgeryFamily Medicine
Sports Medicine

(803) 434-7121
2 Medical Park, LL10
Columbia, SC 29203
Mehta, Sonal, MDNeurologyVascular Neurology
Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

8 Medical Park Suite 420
Columbia, SC 29203
Melloh, Theresa, PhDNeuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science(803) 434-4300
15 Medical Park, Suite 141
Columbia, SC 29203
Moore, Page Malmsjo, PhDPediatrics - CDR(803) 935-5354
8301 Farrow Road
Columbia, SC 29203
Morgan, Harley B, MDPediatricsPediatric-Neurology

(803) 434-7961
9 Medical Park, Ste. 110
Columbia, SC 29203
Mrelashvili, Anna, MDPediatrics
Pediatrics Nine Medical Park, Suite 110
Columbia, SC 29203-
Mrelashvili, Davit, MD, MBANeurologyNeurology
Multiple Sclerosis-Memory Disorder

(803) 545-6050
8 Medical Park, Ste. 420
Columbia, SC 29203
Murphy, Tenley Erin, MDFamily and Preventive MedicineFamily Medicine
Sports Medicine

(803) 434-7121
USC Department of Orthopeedic Surgery
Columbia, SC 29203