Medical Mintues

Medical Minutes


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lisa knight  HB543210: A motto for helping children live healthy

   — Lisa Knight, M.D.

antoinette rutherford  Good sleep habits

   — Antoinette Rutherford, M.D., and Imran Iftikhar, M.D.

jennifer greene  Clinic for Vulvovaginal Disorders

   — Jennifer Greene, M.D.

courtney riley  Top 10 tips for pregnancy

   — Allison Giddings, M.D., Jennifer Greene, M.D., and Courtney Brooks,  M.D.

Helmut Albrecht, MDH1N1 Flu Virus: Dangers, treatments and prevention of the H1N1 virus.

— Helmut Albrecht, MD

Kerry Simms, MDThere’s help for menopause

— Kerry Sims, MD