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Suffering from golfer's elbow?

Helmut  Albrecht, M.D
Brian Keisler, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Department of Orhtopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Read more about the condition and get back into the swing of things!

Golfer's elbow is a common condition causing pain at the medial epicondyle, which is the bony prominence on the inner aspect of the elbow.  The tendons of the muscles that help to bend (flex) your wrist attach on the medial epicondyle.  Overuse of the wrist can cause tension and traction on these tendons, leading to irritation and inflammation at the elbow.  Overuse commonly occurs with sports (such as golf) or repetitive work-related activities that involve the wrist.  Tennis elbow is a similar condition that affects the outer aspect of the elbow.

Fortunately, this condition can commonly be treated with conservative measures.  Typically, initial treatments include the use of ice and anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen.  Activity modification is also important – if an activity causes pain, don't do it! 

Also, a counterforce brace often helps.  This is a strap that is worn around the forearm that helps to remove some of the tension from the medial epicondyle.  A counterforce brace can generally be obtained from a medical supply store, often without a prescription.